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SCS Turf offers several grades of turf suitable for domestic and commercial lawns. Each being specifically grown for target markets, all grades are supplied in 1m² (1.65m x 0.6m) rolls

LT3 Rye Green
For a formal looking lawn that is hardwearing and can be mown to a height of 6mm. A mixture of fine leaf ryegrass chewings and red fescue, gives this turf a fine appearance.

LT4 Smooth Stalk Tees
For a formal lawn without any ryegrass, harder to look after than a standard lawn, but a finer sward. This turf is hardwearing and has a good appearance. A blend of smooth stalk meadow grass, fescue and chewings.

LT7 Festival
The most popular grade of turf for landscapers and private customers. This turf is hardwearing, easy to look after and has a nice finish. A mixture of ryegrass and smooth stalk meadow grass, fescue and bent.

LT9 RTF (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue)
With deep rooting capabilities this is an ideal choice for drought areas, a coarser grass, but is very hardy and is capable of self repair. Also good for more shady areas

To find out more about our turfing services
please call us on 0118 977 2186

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