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Golf and Sports

We are able to supply a wide range of turf for different sports situations, supplied as standard size or large rolls - 600mm (24”), 720mm (29”) or 1050mm (42”) wide. Washed turf is also available

LT1 Tournament Greens
A very fine sward aimed at golf greens and bowling greens. The dense sward of fescues and bents is ideally suited for close mowing associated with golf greens.

LT3 Rye Green
Consisting of fine leaf ryegrass, fescue and bent, this turf is ideal for golf greens and tees, cricket pitches and tennis courts. With the ability to be mown to 6mm and hard wearing capability, it can be used in areas where a fescue bent may not last.

LT4 Smooth Stalk Tees
Ideal for golf tees and surrounds, this fine leaved turf contains no ryegrass which can be mown to 6mm leaving a tidy and pleasant appearance.

LT5 Ryegrass Tees
A hardwearing turf with quick recovery. This medium sward turf is best suited for golf tees, cricket and hockey pitches. Seed mix consists of Dwarf Ryegrass, Smooth Stalk Meadow Grass, Fescue and Chewings.

LT6 Sporturf
For Football, polo or rugby pitches. This very hardwearing turf has quick recovery and medium sward to withstand the most demanding of sports.

Drought and shade tolerant ideally suited for bunkers and fairways, will stay greener for longer.

To find out more about our turfing services
please call us on 0118 977 2186

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