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Interior Plant Maintenance

Designing, supplying and maintaining your interior plant displays
Through an initial consultation, SCS Landscape Management can work with you and your staff to determine your display requirements and then recommend plants, displays and containers to meet your budget needs. Or if you have an existing display, SCS can work with you to renovate the plants as necessary and recommend an appropriate maintenance schedule.

Displays are normally rented over a 24 month period with fortnightly maintenance visits by our teams of experienced horticulturists. Plants are tidied, cleaned, fed, watered and leaves misted. Any disease is noted and treated. Plants that require replacement or upgrading are changed accordingly. All plants used in installations are high quality plants chosen specifically to suit the environmental conditions in your office and are freshly imported from growers in Belgium.

During the Christmas period we are also able to provide individually designed Christmas trees that match with your décor and provide a festive atmosphere to your offices.

To find out more about our interior plant maintenance
please call us on 0118 977 2186

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